Hello and welcome to my IR pen blog – predominantly providing information regarding the use and design of IR pens for PC monitors and projection systems.

The Idea:

The IR pen is a low cost way of utilising a wiimote to provide additional interactivity using a PC screen or even better a projection unit, typically used in meetings or schools.
A cost savings advantage is immediate over the price of a new interactive whiteboard, these can cost anywhere from £600 upwards.

In an office environment using a projection unit is much preferred, costing under £200. Focused onto a wall you can easily operate an IR pen to click anywhere on that image, the IR pen acts like a ‘mouse’.  By selecting a drawing program on the PC you can simply write on the projected image and it would appear as if you was writing on the office wall but with absolutely no ink!

At home an IR pen can transform a monitor into a windows tablet. Use programs like Cooliris to glide through information and media content, ‘Minority Report’ style! It really does feel like the future. A home set up consists of one wiimote, usually less than £30 to buy; a bluetooth dongle, less than £20; Wiimote Whiteboard software (free) and a spend of less than £5 for the electronic parts necessary to build the pen.
Choosing a pen is quite important, generally like an old marker pen or similar with a ‘wide’ barrel. I acquired one of the kids old felt pens, it was a perfect choice and didn’t cost a penny!

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